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The Whole Being Health Collective – through March

28 February 2012no comments Learning

These Tuesday night presentations will go throughout the month of March, starting next week on the 6th. It’s a fusion of four companies in SLO whose mission it is to come together and support the whole person with each business’ expertise.

Each event is FREE and will be from 6:30-8 pm at SLO’s Kennedy Club Fitness Multiplex clubhouse.

3/06 – Affirmative Action – Has your body been de-prioritized? Put on the back burner? Does it deserve its due . . . some long needed reverse discrimination .. . Affirmative action. The time is now.

3/13 – Your Core Values – What are they? Are you living true tot hem? How could you be more aligned with your core values? What is the cost of not living congruent with them?

3/20 – Your Inner Wisdom vs Your Inner Critics – Who is winning? Do you have a battle strategy? Is it working? Can you name your critics or are they so sneaky and embedded that they are like wallpaper of your inner being? Power of awareness to combat limiting beliefs.

3/27 – Conscious Decision Making – Are you running your life by design, or is it running you? Learn to clarify and prioritize what’s important and make your life decisions with conscious purpose.


The collective features: YAlign ~ Gymnazo ~ PowerSource Chiropractic ~ Lose It For Life

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